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Our Team

New Priorities, New Organization

A Message From Executive Director Barbara Noveau

When we formed DoTheMostGood in December 2016, we had one focus: to help ensure that our country survived the presidency of Donald Trump and that he served only one term. We achieved our goal – thanks to our many fantastic volunteers -- though our nation has borne terrible costs. At the same time, DTMG broadened our scope, diving into work on the 2018 midterm elections and many issues affecting Montgomery County and Maryland.

Now, we continue to fight for Democratic control. Having progressed as an organization, we have restructured DoTheMostGood to operate effectively in a number of key spheres.

We now have three vertical “action” lanes and three supporting horizontal “infrastructure” lanes. The leaders of each lane, along with me as Executive Director, make up our new Leaders Council, which replaces the Steering Committee that guided our work for the past four years.

Meet the Team

With the sunset of the Steering Committee, DoTheMostGood gratefully recognizes the dedication of members who served on the committee during our first four years and will continue to be engaged with us, though not on the Leaders Council. You can read more about each of them on our website.

Barbara Noveau, Executive Director
Claudia Ades, Events & Programming
Olivia Bartlett, Maryland Legislature & Phonebanking
Eden Durbin, Elections & Voter Contact
Lennie Magida, Communications
Melissa Panagides-Busch, Planning & Facilitation
Gwen Stewart, Voter Registration & Contact


We have ambitious goals but it’s only with the participation of YOU — our members—that we will be able to reach these goals. Whether you want to learn more about the work that each lane does, or if you’re ready to sign up now, reach out to one of our lane leads listed below. We’re excited to welcome you.

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