Kirwan Report Released


The Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, better known as the Kirwan Commission, officially released their 2019 Interim Report, laying out the path to a world-class education for every student in Maryland. You can read a 2 page explainer here or download the full report here.


5 Key Policy Initiatives

In addition to the policy recommendations depicted in the graphic, the Commission recommends a $325 million investment for this school year and $750 million in new investments (matched by the counties) for 2020/21

Our schools and kids are falling behind:

Maryland has prided itself in having one of the best public educational systems in the country. Yet, in the most recent NAEP test, Maryland students fell to 23rd in reading and math and 29th in science. When comparing our students with students of similar backgrounds across the nation, Maryland falls from 23rd to 37th. Even more disheartening, Maryland is the only state to see 4th and 8th grade test scores drop in reading and math.

Get ready to take action:

The Maryland General Assembly is preparing legislation that will adopt the policy recommendations and initial financial investments called for by the commission.



DoTheMostGood will join with our friends at Strong School Maryland in grassroots efforts to get this legislation passed. As soon as we have seen the bills we will alert our members and provide guidance on how you can play a part. For now, you can reach out to your delegates and senator and let them know you expect them to support the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations

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