The Environment/Science Team advocates for protection of the environment and support of science and research within and outside of government. We seek to educate our members and voters on environmental issues, science policy, and take actions to oppose and obstruct attempts by the Trump Administration to dismantle hard fought environmental protections and to cut funding for science and research. off of pollution and antibiotics into local waterways, and environmental injustice. We work in conjunction with national and state environmental groups with significant knowledge in the field as a guide to action. The Team meets monthly and engages in actions on an ongoing basis.



The Immigration/Civil Liberties Team is dedicated to informing our members and the broader community about their rights, and about current federal, state and local actions that negatively impact our neighbors, whether on the basis of immigration status, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other identification. We sponsor and promote decisive action when confronted with the presence of hate groups in our community. Our actions include supporting targeted populations; counter-protesting against hate groups; lobbying both federal and state legislators to advocate for immigrant and other communities who are the targets of bias and against any government order or proposal that seeks to impinge on civil liberties. The Team meets monthly, engages in actions on an ongoing basis, and has a rapid response squad that can called into action as needed.

Elections and Voting Team

The Elections Team has three major work streams.

  • Increasing Democratic voter turnout in Montgomery County for the November 2018 election, supporting Democratic candidates in that election and defeating Gov. Hogan.

  • Following the June primary election in Virginia, working for Democratic candidates running for the State legislature and Governorship of Virginia in November 2017.

  • Strategically supporting Democrats nationally in Special Elections in 2017 and in the 2018 Midterm Elections

As a part of the Team’s national strategy, DoTheMostGood, in collaboration with J Walkers Action Group, conducts phone banks around MoCo and in DC and recruits volunteers for canvass trips in on behalf of Democrats running in special elections around the country. The Team tries to meet monthly, and individual workstream groups also meet as needed.



The mission of Healthcare Team is to advocate for protection of current Healthcare legislation on the Federal, State and Local level and against Republican efforts to replace it with draconian legislation that will cause millions of citizens to become uninsured. We work to educate our members and the public about important issues related to their healthcare, working in conjunction with national and state healthcare groups with significant knowledge in the field as a guide to action. Our emphasis has been on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the proposed American Healthcare Act (AHCA), but we have also focused on other issues such as attacks on Medicaid and CHIP as well as Montgomery County budget cuts on Lower Income residents. The Team meets monthly and sponsors events and actions frequently for members and the public.