Canvass in Virginia and North Carolina...make calls from MoCo

Lace Up Your Walkin’ Shoes…or Pick Up the Phone: Things To Do in VA & NC

The large number of motivated Democratic volunteers willing to canvass is one of our key advantages. The GOP doesn’t have near our level of commitment, but they have piles of dark money. We have to maximize our advantages now…and keep voting until every vote’s been counted.

We’re making a 4-day trip to North Carolina Sept. 7-10 to GOTV for Dan McCready in the “re-do” Congressional election on Sept. 10. Plus, the list of our canvass and call opportunities in Virginia is growing every week. Lend a hand defending sitting Democrats or flip a few more red seats blue. If we successfully defend all our incumbents, we only need to add 2 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate to take control of the legislature. This is huge!

Select YesWeCanvass for a wide selection of canvasses, including the GOTV trip to North Carolina. Go to J Walkers Action Group for phone banks and additional canvasses,

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Why Does Virginia Matter?


One of only 4 states electing a legislature in 2019…and the only one that’s flippable. here’s why that’s important:

  • Combat gerrymandering (state legislatures will redraw district lines in 2021)

  • States where both houses are controlled by Democrats addressed gun control, healthcare, education and police procedures this year.

  • Flipping Virginia will avert a right wing-engineered Constitutional Convention. It’s perilously close, but flipping just one chamber of the Virginia legislature will prevent this nightmare.

  • Flipping Virginia will ratify the ERA

  • Keep the Blue Wave rolling. Virginia can once again inspire Democrats and independents that we are stronger together and we can win in 2020. Hope trumps hate!