Canvass in Virginia Now!! ...and Other Great Things To Do

Let’s Hit the Doors…or Pick Up the Phones:

There’s Work to be Done in Virginia

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) is almost upon us. Here are the GOTV canvasses being organized by our partners YesWeCanvass and J Walkers Action Group.

YesWeCanvass (links to each canvass signup)

Northern Virginia GOTV
Virginia Beach GOTV with VA Grassroots Coalition
Nov 2 GOTV with Josh Cole with SS Progressive Action - Fredericksburg
Nov 2-3 GOTV for Phil Hernandez with We of Action - VA Beach
Nov 5 for Josh Cole with SS Progressive Action - Fredericksburg
2-Day GOTV for Phil Hernandez with NOPE – VA Beach
4-Day GOTV for Sheila Bynum-Coleman with NOPE - Richmond

In cooperation with Swing Left, we are able to offer busses headed to Richmond and Hampton Roads, where they really need help turning out the vote. A seat on the bus costs $10 for adults and $5 for students.


Nov 2 - 10AM - Bus Launch for GOTV canvassing for Hala Ayala & Elizabeth Guzman (Bethesda)
Nov. 3 - 10AM - GOTV Canvass for Wendy Gooditis (Loudon)
Nov. 4 - 10AM - Canvass for Dan Helmer (Centreville)
Nov. 5 - 9AM - Canvass for Dan Helmer (Centreville)

See the full complement of canvasses, phone banks and GOTV By Mail and sign up, click the Yes We Canvass or J Walkers icons below.

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Does Virginia Really Matter? You Bet It Does


One of only 4 states electing a legislature in 2019…and the only one that’s flippable. here’s why that’s important:

  • Combat gerrymandering (state legislatures will redraw district lines in 2021)

  • States where both houses are controlled by Democrats addressed gun control, healthcare, education and police procedures this year.

  • Flipping Virginia will avert a right wing-engineered Constitutional Convention. It’s perilously close, but flipping just one chamber of the Virginia legislature will prevent this nightmare.

  • Flipping Virginia will ratify the ERA

  • Keep the Blue Wave rolling. Virginia can once again inspire Democrats and independents that we are stronger together and we can win in 2020. Hope trumps hate!