In Search of Better Ways to Vote

Searching for Better Ways to Vote:

DoTheMostGood is supporting a package of bills moving through the Maryland General Assembly this year that will improve voter choice and amplify the voter’s voice. We urge you to express your support for these bills by contacting your state legislators and specific Montgomery County delegates or senators who sit on the committees responsible for advancing these bills to the floor for a vote.

There are House and Senate versions for almost every bill, but they do not move through the legislature in tandem. Therefore, our Action Alerts are usually for either the house or senate committee currently holding hearings.

To call or email your delegates or senator on any of these bills, use our script template here.

Enable MoCo to try Ranked Choice Voting!

  • Montgomery County Voting Methods (HB0624) is a bill that would enable Montgomery County to study the feasibility of alternative voting systems and, if it decides to proceed, to implement Ranked Choice Voting for specific elections in Montgomery County, including County Executive and County Council. A hearing was held on this bill on Tuesday, February 19. Read the testimony DTMG submitted. View a video of testimony delivered in support of this legislation.

Making Voting More Accessible to More People

These bills are all aimed at broadening access to voting by mail or same day registration.

The Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee will hold hearingS on February 21 on two of the bills we endorse. Write to your Senator and MoCo’s sole Senator on the committee, Cheryl Kagan (D17)

These other bills have already had committee hearings or votes, but you can still contact your Senator and ask them to support the bills when they come to the floor for a vote.

See the full delegation HERE

Not sure about your district? Find Your State Senator and Delegates HERE

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